Best custom ROM’s for HTC One X

SentinelROM for HTC One X HTC One X users who have rooted their phone and are in search of some of the best custom ROM available for their device can rely on this article. We have lined up some of the top and best custom ROM’s which are stable and are reported to be working fine on the One X. […] Continue reading →

Best custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S3

Ultima ROM for Samsung Galaxy SIII - Best Custom ROM Samsung Galaxy SIII users who have rooted their device and are looking for the best custom ROM’s for it may be glad to know that we, in this article have reviewed some of the best and stable custom ROM’s for the S3. Ensure that your device is rooted and a reliable custom recovery is installed […] Continue reading →

Best Secret Features of iOS 7

Face time audio calling- Secret features of iOS 7 Apple has let iPhone and iPad users get more out of their device with iOS 7, their newest software occupied with many tricks and hidden features. Apple’s iOS 7 looks very different from 6 due to its flat colors and skinny text as its visual backbone but this new operating system works as smooth as […] Continue reading →

Best Music Players For iPhone

music-player-iphone With the recent update to iOS 7, Apple has introduced iTunes Radio to which some people are claiming that the end of offline music playback is not too far. The online music streaming services and the availability of high-speed mobile internet has diminished the importance of keeping decent music collection in our device. But you cannot […] Continue reading →