First job applications are intimidating for most people and all for the right reasons. Being new to the professional realm is confusing. Starting with most confusion is whether to go for a CV or a Resume. Both documents play different roles in different industries it can be beneficial to know the difference between the two to avoid any future blunders.

What is a resume and what are the key factors to mentioned in it?

The words resume comes from a French word meaning “to sum up”. The focus of a resume is are the skills of an individual. It is highly job oriented and its main purpose is to highlight the skills for a job. This makes it easy for employers to scan through quickly and decide based on the set of skills mentioned.

What is a cv and what is its purpose?

Unlike resumes, cv originates from a Latin word curriculum vitae meaning “the course of one’s life”.

A cv consists of a chronological overview of an individual’s entire past career.

What is the major difference between a cv and a resume?

There are many similarities between a cv and resume that makes it easy to confuse bothas one thing and as a replacement of each other. A resume is different from a cv in the following manner:

  1. A cv is much longer than a resume which can go to a maximum length of two pages.
  2. a cv focuses on an individual’s career while a resume is more a detailed account of one’s professional skills.
  3. a cv has detailed information about your work experience while a resume mentions designation and duration of your last job.
  4. a cv highlights certifications while a resume has a list of all the skills you are proficient in.

Getting a customized well-written resume online.

The digitalization of media and the advent of the internet has made making cv[pembuatan cv, which is the term in Indonesian] much easier. To avoid creating a cv that looks like a resume one can take the help of a platform like fastwork company located in Indonesia.

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