Web Hosting Types and How to Choose the Best Hosting Service for Your Business

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Like every other thing in the world, Web Hosting has its own fair share of differentiated types. Each type caters to the user’s needs and requirements and thus, while choosing one must know what exactly they are doing, what the website is for and subsequently find the best fit.

Types of web hosting services –

1. Shared hosting –

It is an easy and effective form of web hosting, ideal for beginners and small business owners. Here, the website or webpage is posted and stored on the same server as multiple other websites. These websites thus share the same server resources. This type of hosting houses some quite helpful tools such as WordPress web hosting, and client email facility.

2. Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting –

This type of web hosting service is ideal for users who want proper control over their site but not necessarily a high functioning server. Though in this type of hosting, the websites share the same physical server, they are assigned their own space within that. The billing for this type of hosting is cost effective whether paid with card or through Bitcoin hosting sites.

3. Dedicated server hosting –

This web hosting service provides the maximum amount of control to the owner over the server their website is stored in. Here, the server is rented exclusively by the user. Due to this enormous amount of control, the price is also steep.

4. Cloud hosting –

In this type of hosting a number of computers work together using combined resources. Thus type is quite popular and is also scalable.

5. Managed hosting –

Most hosting services are managed. In this type of hosting the provider manages and looks over the hardware, applications and operating systems.

6. Colocation hosting –

It is the most expensive hosting site and provides its users the maximum control over their hardware and software.

How to choose the best hosting service for businesses

While deciding on a type, the user must consider all facts and factors of each type. One must look for the following while doing so-

  • The type of hosting offered.
  • Support elements.
  • Read reviews and feedback.

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