These are the Best Ways to Organize Your PDFs

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Anyone who has used WondersharePDFelement’s PDF editor knows the basics. Advanced organizing tools such as Wondershare PDFelement can help improve the quality of your PDFs. If they are not available, you might want to give them a try. Wondershare PDFelement has built-in functionality to combine multiple PDF files. You can also use it to split multiple PDF files into single- and multiple-page files, depending on page number and page range. To extract the pages you want, you can either split a PDF file or remove them all.

You can also arrange PDF files by using page outlines to resize pdf pages. Wondershare PDFelement offers an overview page that allows you to view the current status of your work. You can split, merge, and reorganize pages within your PDF document.

Inserting pages from files (Combining documents)
Wondershare PDFelement lets you insert PDFs into different PDFs in many ways. Drag and drop pages between PDF files. Wondershare PDFelement lets you open multiple documents simultaneously in different tabs. Wondershare PDFelement allows you to insert PDF files into other PDFs, or extract pages from an existing paper document. These pages can be scanned into Wondershare PDFelement and embedded into your PDF document. Your PDF document can be customized however you like. It is also easier to combine multiple documents in one report, form or brochure.

Re-ordering Pages
To change the order of pages in your PDF file, you can drag and drop them from the thumbnail view. Drag and drop pages by expanding the thumbnail view. This is a great way to create reports and presentations. You can change the content order to suit your needs.

How to delete pages
Wondershare PDFelement lets you remove pages or fill in blanks. You can also customize your documents with this software. Are there pages that contain irrelevant information? Are you looking to delete confidential pages? To do this, you can use the Delete Pages function.

Extract Pages
Extract pages from a PDF and republish them as a new PDF. Pages that are extracted include all content, including comments, forms fields, links, and links. It is possible to extract pages from an original document and create a PDF containing all pages. This is similar to copying and pasting, cutting, pasting, or copying and pinning at page level. This allows you to quickly extract large sections from PDF documents and then use them in other documents.

Replace Pages
Pages can be placed in the same place in your PDF file as any other page. You can quickly update one page by using the Replace Page option. Simply replace it with your new page. All text, images and comments on the original page will be replaced. No additional work is required.

Swap 2 Pages
Swap is a tool that can be used for transposing two pages from a PDF. Swap can be used to create reports and presentations. You can also drag and drop content to meet your needs.

You can also move, duplicate, and crop pdf pages. Just like photo editing software, you can crop, rotate, and flatten pages. PDF software gives you the universal readability you need, so that your PDF documents can be shared with anyone.

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