How Chatbots and Virtual Assistants Can Optimize Your App

How Chatbots and Virtual Assistants Can Optimize Your App

Chatbots were, until recently, a bit of a dirty word. These tiny avatars would try to interact with you and answer your basic questions. They also get your contact information so that they can connect with you again. Virtual assistants would typically remind you about an important birthday or remind you to make an appointment. These days, things have changed. Chatbots and virtual assistants are now possible thanks to technological advancements in mobile app development, artificial intelligence, intuitive algorithms, and mobile apps. They can complete complex tasks, have personalized conversations with you, and even discuss the previous day with you. This is top-notch stuff and it’s now available. Let’s see how these features can help you.

Virtual Assistants

Although the new world of virtual assistants might seem foreign and strange, it is likely that you have been using them for some time. You’ve probably used Lyra, Jarvis, Alexa, Jarvis or Siri to communicate with virtual assistants. They are going to grow in popularity and power as they represent some of the biggest names in tech. Every day, the standard is raised. Artificial intelligence and cutting-edge algorithms are used to make assistant apps more conversational and to find multiple solutions to problems. They even have the ability to inject humor into otherwise boring subjects. Virtual assistants almost have to be voice-reactive. The most successful apps also have smart speakers that allow for communication in open spaces.

Chatbots: What’s the Deal?

Chatbots are big business. This report estimates that the global spending on chatbots will reach $1.25 billion in 2025 and continue to grow at an alarming rate. Chatbots are able to automate many previously human processes. This can help lower operating costs and increase business growth. Chatbots can be integrated into mobile apps to improve the user experience. They can provide personalized and customized guides and can even help with complex tasks.

Fitness Apps: Chatbots can make this app more popular in the fitness and diet category. Chatbots are able to help users who are trying to lose weight or exercise. Chatbots can automate tasks such as adding calories and tracking steps. They also remind users to exercise and get outside. In the hyper-competitive fitness/diet/lifestyle app market, having an intuitive chatbot can give you a leg up.

Education: There are many apps that can help you learn, whether you are an overconfident grad student or an adult who wants to learn a new skill. Duolingo has advanced chatbots that simulate human conversation. This is a great way to learn a language. Chatbots that administer pop quizzes can be used as study guides for students. Smart chatbots can guide and challenge students, which naturally leads to more downloads.

MedTech Apps: Many people have used medical websites to diagnose themselves and others suffering from injuries or illnesses. Sometimes it can take some time to put things together. This is often due to false or unrelated symptoms. Intelligent chatbots will ask all the right questions and draw logical conclusions to give you personalized advice. HealthTap is a good example. Chatbots within healthcare apps can also remind you about prescription times, interactions, insurance coverages, and other details.

FinTech Apps: It can be confusing to navigate the complex world of finance. We could all use some help with everything from balancing our household budgets to understanding complicated stock trading strategies. An intelligent chatbot will be a great financial app that can answer your questions, track your spending, and provide timely advice. Cleo is a smart chatbot that can take your data and give you solid guidance on how to manage your money. A FinTech app should have a 24/7 advisor.

Entertainment: There are many opportunities to use a variety of apps in this sector. Chatbots can help you find the right movie, answer trivia questions, and even field silly questions from your children. The more advanced a chatbot is the greater its capabilities. In the area of conversational skills, some chatbots are almost indistinguishable to humans.

In Summary

Chatbots and virtual assistants can be a great addition to your app. These can be used to improve an existing app or explore new niches. Do your research and try out a few of the existing apps to get a better idea of what each has. To determine the feasibility, timeline and cost of making your app a reality, you should consult with an experienced app development partner.

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