Benefits Of ELO Boost

On the other hand, finding yourself in your game with an elo booster on the enemy team is not always going to be negative for you.

Even if you lose the game, it can be somewhat beneficial for you. If you are a sufficiently intelligent person (you surely are), you will take that game and analyze it thoroughly as I teach in the Challenger Army.

Then you will be able to observe the key points of carry that the ELO Booster uses to win the game more easily, and as a result of knowing them, you will improve as a player, in the future to get more victories.

This, as a direct consequence, if everyone were of this type, would be causing an indirect increase in your level of play, making you progress leagues more easily.

If you find yourself in a game an elo booster or a smurf account, stop, observe the actions you take to win the game and take advantage of them for your benefit.

If you are not yet in the high leagues, learn from the players who do elo boost at, observe what tactics they use in your league to be able to improve more quickly in both micro game and macro game.

And when you improve as a player and go up to high leagues, you can take advantage of it by benefiting from your new level of play and earn extra easy money thanks to LoL doing eloboost and thus profiting all the hours you have dedicated to the game.

This is how the cycle of a player in a league of legends closes. And it is very gratifying on a personal level to be able to devote hours to a game and then know that you can take advantage of it and not just entertainment time.

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