Types of Group Messaging to Utilize For Better Productivity

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Since the rise of instant messaging applications, group messaging has been a thing. Unlike classic text messaging, group messaging allows you to send messages to multiple people conveniently. And since you can add numerous people to the group chat, you can altogether avoid the need for face-to-face meetings all the time. 

However, this practice was only typically done by students for group projects or personal purposes, such as for friends planning for a get-together. Many enterprises oppose using group chats for collaborations, and no one can blame them. After all, several cases of information leaks have bombarded us. This poses regulatory and legal risks that can only be addressed through effective mobile archiving, such as WhatsApp call monitoring

But since no one was truly prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses were left with no choice but to resort to utilizing group chats to continue their operations. All they can do is trust their employees and establish group chat configurations to maximize their compliant use of instant messaging applications.

WhatsApp has several group chat choices that companies can utilize. One example is basic group messaging. This is designed for two or more employee grouping that has to work on a single assignment. Through this group chat, members can exchange group information, discuss work-related issues, and consequently share digital content.

Another group chat that enterprises can use is the department or team channels. This group chat can serve as a default mobile communication channel of a specific department (e.g., admin staff, IT, marketing, etc.) Team leaders and department heads can easily monitor and coordinate with their team members through this group chat while still complying with WhatsApp recording.

Other group chat configurations such as topic-based group chats, broadcast lists, and large group chats (company) are possible with WhatsApp. And if you want to know more about all the group messaging types you can implement in your company, you can read more in this infographic by Telemessage. 

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