Technologies And Style Elements To Enhance Web-site Navigation

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Sites with a lot of content frequently implement dynamic menu bars that switch to present probably the most relevant choices on each page. Sites frequently use some type of “feedback” or special effect to allow users know where certain navigation elements can be found, for example graphics that change colors once the users point their mouse their way.

Use a number of technologies and style elements to apply Site navigation. While you consider different navigation techniques, keep your following seven fundamental comparison factors in your mind:


Will the technique look and just like a navigation element that users are familiar with seeing? Quite simply, could it be a control button or perhaps a menu that users will recognize like a navigation element?


Will the technique offer some type of feedback to point that the user has pointed at or clicked a specific navigation element? This kind of feedback could be important because users frequently explore a website by moving their mouse around to determine what goes on. Navigation techniques that permit individual elements to reply to this activity result in the overall navigation more prone to succeed.

Ease of access

So how exactly does the process work whenever a visually impaired person tries to make use of the site having a specifically outfitted Internet browser? If the demographic is essential for your company, pay special focus on this capacity.


Some techniques require Internet browser to server to transfer more data towards the Internet browser than is needed by other techniques. In case your customers is going to be being able to access the website over slower connections, then using techniques having a high overhead can lead to slow page loads, and perhaps bored customers who’ll quit and proceed to your competition.

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