Samsung Wave GT-S8500 Bada 1.2 Update: How to Upgrade Your Samsung Wave(S8500) to Bada 1.2

Samsung Wave Bada OS 1.2 update

The bada 1.2 update for the first bada based phone is available but its only to the unlocked Europe. So if you want to update to the bada 1.2 then you can check the given guide as it is still not available for your phone (Asia).

Whats new in Samsung Wave bada 1.2

1. The overall performance is fast
2. Smoother scrolling
3. Dolphin browser updated
4. T9 trace typing method (swipe)

Samsung Wave Bada OS 1.2 update


How to update Samsung Wave to Bada OS 1.2

Things to be done before staring update

1. Check your firmware version and the code (in case you want to downgrade to official firmware for warranty)
firmware is in setting>about phone>system info>device
2. Do not flash if the phone is not unlocked

Download the firmware from link below:
Samsung Bada 1.2 Update (s8500XXJID) 194.34MB

what you need to do on PC

1.Copy above downloaded file to desktop
2. Extract it ( password: )
3. Run multiloader
4 Select lsi
5. Check -fulldownload
6. Select the files from folder just extracted with corresponding names

preparing phone for flash

1. Power off your device
2. Remove sim and memory card
3. Reinsert battery
4. Hold the volume down+lock+power key (after few second it will show “Download”)
5. Connect your phone through usb
6. Now multiloader will find the port of your phone
7. To be sure click port search it should show [LISMORE]8.Now click download
(do not interrupt the phone will reboot normally after completion)
9. Finally do a factry reset by typing code “*2767*3855#”


There is a easier method for non techie peoples:

Step I: Download the latest version of Samsung Kies from official site of Samsung Kies. The latest version of Kies is: Kies_2.0.0.11044.


You can download it from here: Samsung Kies Download Link

Step II: Open Samsung Kies and connect your Samsung Wave with PC (Wait for driver installation, if you have attached your phone for the first time with your pc)

As soon as Kies will detect your phone it will offer a prompt of new firmware update available, see the screenshot below

Click on UPDATE button

Samsung Wave Bada OS 1.2 update

Step III: Now you will face a window of ‘Agree to the Terms and Conditions.”  You can choose the option of save and don’t save the information. This option is that, Samsung will store your information of IP and hardware specifications on their servers for 2 years. It is totally dependent on you, which you want to choose.

We would like to recommended you to choose “Allow saving


Step IV: It is strongly recommended not to disconnect your phone from PC until the upgrading process is complete. So take care of it.

Within few minutes (depends upon the speed of your internet connection). Upgrading process will move on and will complete successfully.

Note: Don’t use any options on your phone, while the upgrading process is taking place, your phone will be restarted.

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6 thoughts on “Samsung Wave GT-S8500 Bada 1.2 Update: How to Upgrade Your Samsung Wave(S8500) to Bada 1.2

  1. will your phone memory be deleted after upgrade for example your games

    • Yes, Games may get deleted but you can easily backup your Java games..just copy .Jar and .Jad files to other storage..

  2. multiloader cant detect my phone.
    what should i do??

  3. I have a problem with my samsung champ duos when im upgrading its firmware, it keeps on restarting but the upgrade is not even finished yet
    why? can you help me pls?

  4. hi , i’m From Iran and Install Persian Language In Wave 2(Bada 1.2) I want Know After Update FirmWare My Persian Language Will be Deletee ,If Answer Is Yes How can I Install It .Thanks A Lot.

  5. why it says that
    ” Additional 14 MB system file space needed for upgrade.
    delete unnecessary system files.”

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