Prehistoric Park Game Review

Android based handsets are used by millions of people today; Android devices are full of interesting features and you are provided with thousands of apps and games on Google play Store. Everyone likes to play games as some of the games are very entertaining and keeps you engage for a good period of time. Today people search for some interesting game to kill some time; if you are searching for a nice and entertaining game then we have a awesome game for the Android users Prehistoric park. Prehistoric Park is a very enjoyable game and every age group of people can play and enjoy it.

Prehistoric Park is a role playing game is quiet simple to play as its story line is very simple and is gracious to play. In this game you are in a pre-historic age where you get a piece of land and you are provided with a tool to build a theme park with some joy rides and roller coasters giant wooden swings, trampolines made from mammoth hide, giddy merry-go-rounds, stone slides, extreme rollercoaster, water rapids and even dinomotors powered by real huge dinosaurs to make the rides fun for the visitors. You can create almost 60 types of rides and make the people enjoy who come to your theme park. You also have the option to make your theme park look more amazing by decorating it with some exotic trees, unique flowers, pagan totems and stone temples. In Prehistoric Park a good care of the customers’ will be taken as there will be a snack bars, drinking fountains, balloon stands and restrooms in the park.

In Prehistoric Park you can also hire worker who will take a good care of the visitors when you are not in the game. You have the opportunity of building the biggest and craziest prehistoric theme park ever. Prehistoric Park is already a successful game as near about Millions of people have downloaded it and is reaching about 50,000 download and there are some good review and rating is also very nice by some of the popular websites webapprater and Androidzoom. Prehistoric Park is one of the most entertaining role playing game you might have ever played. Prehistoric Park game is the one game you must play and pack it in your collection as it for free on Google Play, so don’t wait grab it today and start playing it.

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