Lock individual apps in iPhone, iPod and iPad with iAppLocker

Can the jailbroken iOS device is better than a regular one? the answer is yes, because through jailbroken we get the lots of good application that is very important for our idevice. Today the security problem is the biggest problem, that how we can be safe from the hackers or thief. We keeps as most of our data is either stored online, on their computers and on their mobile devices. Even though all of us are pretty secure, it’s easy to break in to them. We all care about our important and personal data and sometimes we do not want to share it with others.

So for security purpose, we can lock our iDevices, but we can’t lock our individual apps, that might be of much importance to you, for example the Messages, Contacts or Notes app. You might have some sensitive data in some of these applications, certain contacts that you may not want to share with others and important data in your Notes app. Wouldn’t it be much simpler if you could just lock applications instead of everything. There’s a tweak for that!

iAppLocker is a Cydia tweak, which is  available for all jailbroken iOS devices that can lock application with password protection for each and every app. You can select, which apps you would want to be locked in the Settings menu and also set the global password. All the locked applications will henceforth require you to input a password to gain access.


Here you can see that, whenever you will launch the locked app, one pop-up window will appear that will always ask the password that you have given at the time of locking app. S this will make your apps more secure then normal one by not allowing anyone else to open it. How to get this amazing Cydia tweak on your Jailbroken device?

First of all, you have to jailbroken iOS device. Once you have that, head over to Cydia and search for iAppLocker, install it, head over to Settings and Enable the tweak and set your password and select, which applications you’d like to password protect.



Always remember that, the tweak won’t get enable right after this. You’ll need to Respring to get the tweak working and the same process must be followed when you want to disable it. It works pretty well in iDevices and I was really impressed, so try it and reply us that how much it helps you to protect the data from others.

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