Leader Impression 7 and Impression 10 Android Tablet Announced : Price $179.00 and $349 respectively

Leader Impression 7 and Impression 10 Android Tablet Announced : Price $179.00 and $349 respectively

Leader International Inc., a provider of reliable, feature-rich, affordable tablets, today announced a new Android tablet which is designed to be budget friendly, the Impression 7 (I7) tablet and also Impression 10 tablet . The seven-inch and ten-inch tablets delivers value and performance for both novice and experienced users.  Units will ship to retailers in early November at an MSRP of $179.00 and $349 respectively, just in time for the start of the holiday shopping season.

Impression 7

Leader Impression 7

The I7 is equipped with a 1Ghz processor and 512MB RAM, Android 2.2 (Froyo) with Adobe Flash 10.1, and a seven-inch resistive TFT display that delivers brilliant color in 800×480 resolution. The versatile I7 also includes Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), 4GB built-in flash memory, G-sensor, two USB 2.0 slots (including one full-size and one mini port), micro SD card slot (up to 16GB), 0.3MP camera and stereo output. The 7.6 x 4.5 x 0.5-inch tablet weighs just a half pound, and the 3.7V battery supports up to six hours of life, says the company. Each unit also comes with a kickstand and handsome synthetic leather portfolio case.

“The Impression 7 offers the best of mobile entertainment,” said Gary Bennett, Leader International’s Vice President of Sales, North America. “The seven-inch screen is perfect for web, email, music, games and videos. Plus, unlike other popular tablets, the I7 allows for additional memory and delivers more functionality with an SD slot and USB port.”

Specifications of Leader Impression 7” tablet:

  • Dimensions : 205mm Height, 110mm Width, 14mm Depth,
  • Weight: 0.5 lbs,
  • 4GB On board memory along with a maximum support of 16GB,
  • Supports MP3, AAC, WMA, AMR-nb/wb,
  • Display size of 7 inches,
  • 800 x 480 resolution, resistive touch panel
  • Android 2.2 version Froyo with Flash 10.1 support,
  • Wi Fi with b / g support,
  • On the go USB slot
  • Supports USB 2.0 mini port
  • 3.5mm stereo headphone jack
  • Built-in stereo speaker
  • Built-in Microphone
  • Micro SD/MMC slot,
  • Supports video formats of MPEG4, H.264, H.263, RM, RMVB, AVI, MPEG4 and FLV formats,
  • Front camera of 0.3 MP,
  • Accelorometer with G Sensor,
  • Comes with the rechargeable 3.7v Lithium Cell Polymer cell,
  • Up to 6 hrs of Play

Impression 10

Leader Impression 10 Android Gingerbread Tab

Like the I7, the Leader Impression 10 tablet has specs the 9.7 inch capacitive touch screen having 1024 x 768 px screen resolution, 1Ghz processor and 512MB of RAM, Android 2.2 (Froyo) with Adobe Flash 10.1, just 4GB of internal storage, 2 megapixel camera , 802.11b/g/n wireless networking, as well as a G-Sensor, accelerometer, plus a speaker, mic, and headphone jack, says Leader. The tablet measures 9.64 x 7.55 x 0.47 inches (245 x 192 x 12mm), says the company, which did not list a weight. The 6800mAh battery is said to last six hours. . This is another way the $349 I10 can be priced so much lower than typical 10-inch Honeycomb tablets, which sell for $500 to $600 and typically ship with between 8GB and 32GB of storage. At least the microSD slot accepts 32GB cards instead of just 16GB. There’s also an HDMI port, through which one can play back video at 1080p, according to the company.

Impression 10

Leader Impression 7 price is around $179 and Impression 10 price around $349, this Leader Impression tablet will go on sale at Kmart and online stores such as HSN.com in early November.

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5 thoughts on “Leader Impression 7 and Impression 10 Android Tablet Announced : Price $179.00 and $349 respectively

  1. I purchased this item on Black Friday during the kmart sale. I chose this product over another tablet that cost less since this tablet had more internal memory, came with a built in camera and a case. However, I’m sad to say that at best, I’m sadly disappointted. The camera is not even 1 megapixel, it’s 0.3 megapixel. Why even put the camera on the tablet?! When tapping the icons they either don’t respond or you have to press really hard to receive a response.(AND YES I FULLY CHARGED THE TABLET BEFORE I USED IT.) In my first use of the tablet I had to reset it just to continue using it due to no response. After much frustration I just said forget it. But the thing that ultimately pissed me off is that I purchased this tablet because of the 4GB of internal memory. However when I went to check the memory of the tablet it showed 1.0 GB of available memory and 2GB of total memeory….WHAT?!?!?!?! Really?! The tabelt was advertised as 4GB and the box clearly says 4GB of internal memory. WHATEVER YOU DO, DON’T PURCHASE THIS TABLET!! Not to mention that I just called their customer service department (spoke to someone who was very rude) just to be told and I quote “Oh I’m sorry that’s a misprint, its really a 2GB not a 4GB” All in all the company isn’t willing to do anything to resolve the issue.

    • Well im only 13 but i have alot of complaints about the impression 7.See my mom bought this for me because were aloud to use technology
      in school and she was afraid i might break my iPad so she bought me this.And when i say this is horrible i mean horrible.It wont let me download any apps,i only can take like 126 pics,its hard to type and when i do type its like it hurts the screen.Is there anyway my mom can get her money back or swap this ragedy thing out

  2. I purchased the Leader Impression 7 from Kmart yesterday, too late for the $99 Black Friday sale. Still, it was $129, which is substantially less than any other comparable Android tablet or the Leappad, for that matter. I can’t comment on the memory issue, but here are my impressions:

    Screen: After somewhat <24 hours of intensive usage, I agree that the resistive touch screen is a major limitation. It works best with my fingernail, but does respond to my fingertip if I push hard enough. I have not found multitouch to work. To expand or contract web pages, you either need to double tap on the text or tap on the + / – screen button. Swiping doesn't work well, either. If you're familiar with Fruit Ninja, which requires rapid swiping, then you know what I mean when I say that I couldn't complete the 1st level because of poor swipe response, even with my fingernail. On the other hand, Angry Birds works just fine.

    Apps: The tablet comes preloaded with SwipeMe Market, which has thousands of apps but in practice feels like a very limited selection. On SwipeMe Market I did find a few nice apps, though, like Lightsword Lite, KungFu Sounds, Swing Ball, lightMemory, Finger Bowling, and Xeno Tactic II Lite. The Leader International website directs you to http://www.amazon.com for their Apps store, which is how I was able to download Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, and Netflix. The Netflix app loads, but on my home router the video and audio streams were disjointed so that a test movie was unwatchable. In contrast, Netflix works perfectly on my Galaxy SII phone at home. The Amazon App Market has plenty of free and/or high quality Android apps, which include most of the apps I've downloaded from Google's Android Market (including Poynt, Stitcher, Amazon MP3, Documents to Go, QuickOffice, CamCard, SugarSync, ) but not Dropbox, Groupon, or any of the major Google apps like Gmail, Google Maps, Google Books, or Google Docs. I noticed a free texting program is available but haven't had a chance to test it yet.

    Camera: While 0.3 MP sounds like nothing, the pictures are 640×480, and better quality than those on my son's Nintendo DSi XL. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the camera has adjustments for different lighting conditions (incandescent, fluorescent, daylight, cloudy, auto) and color effects (mono, sepia, negative, solarize, posterize, aqua). These adjustments actually work, correcting color in different light conditions. I recorded a 640×480 video of myself giving a Christmas message to my niece, and the video came out fine, including the audio.

    Performance: Slow, but good enough for most of the downloaded apps including the tower defense game and Angry Birds.

    Summary: For my intended purpose of a Christmas gift for my niece, I think the Leader Impression 7 does the trick. At the Kmart price, the i7 is cheaper than a Leap pad or any other comparable Android tablet, and the software is certainly cheaper than Leapster apps. Besides, the Leap pad is nearly impossible to purchase this time of year, except from Leapster. Compared to other children's toys, the camera is par and the screen is larger. Plus, I'll be able to communicate with my niece and nephews if they decide to install the texting program or use the built-in email program. The i7 is a product full of compromises, but in price for performance it hits a children's sweet spot.

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