iPad VS iPad 2 comparison | What is new with iPad 2 – comparative specs Table

There are rumors that iPad 2 will be coming to India by next month. iPad 2 is a advanced model of previous apple tablet iPad. This tablet has updated iOS 4. iPad 2 has a 1Ghz A5 processor and improved user interface with a lighter and slimmer style ergonomics. iPad 2 is rivaling with Android 3.0 Tablets that are taking over the market very fast, iPad has managed its share due to Apple fans. There are many top bloggers that are promoting iOS and iDevices on their blog. I will not promote any but I love both of them. I love iOS for its user interface and usability. I also appreciate and suggest Android because of its free apps stock, usability and ability to run on low specs devices. So you can have a Android high specs mobile for Rs 15000 but you cant even get a second hand iPhone. Below, I have compared iPad and iPad 2 specs. Here, you can see that iPad 2 has introduced dual camera features with HDMI and multitasking facility.



Please let us know your verdict about iPad 2 and how it can take part as a best gadget in your life. We will be coming with some more posts that will be comparitive study of iOS vs Android and iPad 2 VS Android Tablet.

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