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I was very bored up with the normal white chrome startup page. I looked for something that can be used to customize Google Chrome start page and found an excellent plugin, I am here to tell you about it. Incredible StartPage is a Google Chrome Extension that facilitates complete customization and makeover of your Chrome start page. There are lot of customization options as you can check below:

Incredible StartPage Extension for Google Chrome Browser


There are three different Tabs which control different elements. check them below:

  • Closed Tabs: Lists of Websites you closed recently. You can recover recently closed tabs
  • Favourite Bookmarks: Lists your important bookmarks and provide you different options to make bookmarks easy to access.
  • Bookmarks/Apps: It includes the bookmarks in which are in your bookmark toolbar but it doesn’t include your folders, they are hidden. You can also drag and drop important bookmarks to right side pane to open easily. You can easily manage and open Chrome Web Apps with this option.


These are normal features, now come to advanced one and I will tell you about the features that I like the most.


  • Notepad: Similar like Sticky notes to take down your notes. You can also post notes to Google/Gmail/Google App accounts. It also allows you to sync across different computers via chrome sync.

Incredible Startpage11 Customize your Boring Start Page in Chrome with Incredible StartPage Extension

  • Theme Option: Customize using 5 different theme schemes and also change the background wallpaper of bookmark pane. The wallpaper are fetched from Flickr API and you can select from 5 different keywords like start, cloud, sunset, nature and custom, You can also change the color of font to black or white.

Incredible startpage2 Customize your Boring Start Page in Chrome with Incredible StartPage Extension

  • Advance Option: Here you can customize notepad fonts, notepad saving option, number of columns and closed websites number display etc.

Incredible Startpage3 Customize your Boring Start Page in Chrome with Incredible StartPage Extension


I loved this plugin and looking for more useful plugin like this, once I get 5 nice plugins, I will posting a full review. By the time you can hand on with us, just signup for out Feeds service and get updates directly into your email.

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