How To Hard Reset Galaxy S, S2, Ace or Any Android Mobile Phone : tutorial

Today, Android based smartphone are very popular, due to there best user friendly application and very fast response. But over a time it may slow due to storage of  clutter, So if you  like to make it cleaner and faster? Then its time you need to hard reset your device using the inbuilt options in it. This option would allow you to not only remove the clutter from your phone but also make that its performance is back. Generally this option is useful if you plan to sell your mobile phone or would like to give it to the service center and would like to ensure that any of the personal data does not fall into someone’s hands.

Now to get started you have to hit on the Menu > Settings option.

Android menu setting

Now after that, under the settings you need to hit on the Privacy option which would offer you with multiple options like Backup, restore and also data reset.

Android Privacy Data Reset

Now  you have to choose  the ‘Factory Data Reset’ option which will open a new window displaying the consequences of performing the same. This will remove all the data from your phone’s internal storage, including your Google account, system and application data, Downloaded applications. To clear all data on this phone the USB storage needs to be eraser. For which you need to check on the bottom ‘Format USB storage’ option.

Android Factory Data Reset

After that a final confirmation would be given asking you to confirm, because by doing this you will not recover anything from your phone. Tap on the ‘Erase everything’ option to proceed.

Android Erase Everything Reset

Now here, we are providing the  video tutorial for the same, which can give you a quick idea on how can you perform this action and proceed with the same. Above step is a very simple way of hard resetting your phone and cleaning the data from your Internal Memory.

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