How to Delete Credit Card from Android Market : Google checkout

Delete Credit Card from Android Market : Google checkout

If you have an Android smartphone and a rechargeable credit card, you will definitely fall into the temptation to buy games and apps from the Android Market. For this, you need to associate your Google account with the credit card. But what happens when you  are selling your mobile phone or you handing over your mobile to your friend or anyone, there are certain things which you should keep in mind. First thing I would do is remove Credit Card from your account on the phone. This is important if you leave sell your mobile phone with the Credit Card details linked to Android Market then the other user might take advantage of it and run you out with hell amount of credit card statement. So before you handover your phone to anyone be sure to unlink it. Now, the question is how would you unlink or remove Credit Card details from Android Market?

In fact, the app store Google does not offer a clear option to cancel your credit card from your account, but there’s a way. Just connect to the site Google Checkout, and login with your Google Account. Make sure that this is the same login by which you access your Android Market (the same email with which you have linked your Android Phone). After that follow the steps given below :

  • first of all, Connect to the Internet site Google Checkout;
  • Log in with your Google Account;
  • From the Purchase History page, Click the ‘Edit Payment Methods’ located in the sidebar on the left;
  • Click the Edit payment methods (Edit payment methods) placed in the sidebar on the left;
  • Click on the item-Delete (Delete) placed in the left sidebar. Follow the image given below:

Delete Credit Card from Android Market : Google checkout

<Image via androidadvices>

At this point, you have done to remove the card from the Android Market. In this way, you can not purchase more applications or games until payment associate a new credit card (or even the same ones you removed, in case you change your mind) to your Google account.
To return to purchase games or applications in the Android Market, Google, go to the latter, click on the INSTALL button located under the name of the app you want to purchase and select the item to add a new payment method from the drop down menu located in the lower left.

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