Free Angry Birds Game Download For PC – Windows XP Vista 7 Download

Previously I have posted about how to play Angry Birds online through a browser. Good news now for all you Angry Birds gamers, because now Angry Birds is available to be played offline and on your PC. Angry Birds has released their new version – Angry Birds Rio for PC. In the Angry Birds Rio version there are a total of 6 episodes which can be played for 30 levels in each episode.

This game runs smoothly on Windows 7 Os. I have tried it and there is no problem with the visual factors of Angry Birds Rio . But according to several sources, this game has visualization problems when played on Windows Xp or Windows Vista.

This version has been inspired by the mega hit movie – Rio. In this version the Angry Birds have been captured, caged, and taken to Rio. There they meet new friends, and work together to make their escape from a desolate grey warehouse to the lush green jungle. Help the Angry Birds escape and beat their captors by bombarding the evil marmosets and smashing all obstacles in the way!
Interestingly there are no green pigs to kill. Monkeys have taken place as the bad guys. The objective is just to help the captured birds in escaping. The interface and game play is same and still addictive as the previous versions. The theme, however is little changed in Angry Birds Rio.




Minimum System Requirements For Angry Birds:
You should have at least Windows XP Service Pack 2 operating system, 512MB RAM , 1GHz CPU and Internet Connection which is required for activation. i.e. You can download Angry Birds for Windows XP, Windows Vista & Windows 7 operating system. To play full version of Angry birds, you have to buy it from angry birds website.

To Download Free Angry Birds Game for PC visit Angry Birds Website. Once you have opened this website, you can download Angry Birds and Angry Birds RIO in your PC.

Once you have downloaded this game, you will receive .exe file of these game. Double click on the downloaded file and it will start the setup. Follow the step by step instruction and install Angry Birds in your Computer.

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