CamScanner App for Android | How to scan document and convert to pdf using Android phone

CamScanner turns phone to a document scanner for Android Smartphone to scan and manage your documents, whiteboard discussions and receipts easily. The smart image cropping and enhancement algorithm ensures the scanned images clear and recognizable.

To get started, click one of the two bottom left buttons (w/ a green plus sign) to take a picture or select an already existing image. From there, you’ll go into the Image Edit view, where you can crop and enhance the image. When dragging the corners of the crop region, use the pop-up magnified view to place the corner exactly where you want. Similarly, there’s a button if you don’t want to crop the image at all. Pressing the check-mark button will confirm and finalize the image. Additionally, a great feature is the ability to add multiple images together to create one .pdf file. This makes multi-paged documents very easy to manage. Check out the pre-installed Quickstart tutorial for all the details!

The CamScanner crops and enhances the image. You can create multi page pdf files using this application. Also you can use an image from your gallery to enhance and convert to pdf. You can email it very easily. Also you can upload to Google docs and dropbox.
A light version of this application is also available. It is free, but you can scan only limited number of pages. It also put a ‘generated by..’tag at the bottom. The full version costs $5.99.
Current version makes only an image pdf file. If the developers add an option to make pdf with searchable content, it would be awesome.

CamScanner features:

Auto crop and enhance
-Create PDF
-Share and upload
-Tag and search
*limited docs/pages for trial
** The document can be uploaded to gdoc in PDF format. But the page in document can’t be uploaded to Gdoc because its format is jpeg, which isn’t supported by Gdoc.


image image image


Download Camscanner from Android market

One thought on “CamScanner App for Android | How to scan document and convert to pdf using Android phone

  1. I just installed camscanner free on my Samsung Galaxy S3 but when I scan a B/W doc it’s like low resolution. What am I doing wrong?
    I have enhanced settings “on”.

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