How to configure DigiSol/ Dlink/ Linksys/ TP Link for BSNL broadband connection

BSNL is the most used broadband internet service in India. Many users keep us asking about how to configure new Digisol, Dlink, Linksys, TP-Link routers with BSNL connection. Users are buying more of Digisol and Dlink routers like TP-LINK TL-WR740N, D-Link DIR-600L Wireless N150, D-Link DIR-605L Wireless N300 Cloud Router. But other routers like of Asus, Netgear can be configured in same way. We are explaining here in detail how to connect the router and configure it for secure broadband and wi-fi sharing.

We would suggest using WEP protection while sharing your Broadband connection through Wi-Fi.

Steps to configure the router for BSNL broadband (settings): BSNL router Config

  1. Connect the Digisol wireless router to power outlet and to your existing BSNL line(coming through a ADSL splitter)  and turn on the power.
  2. Connect your laptop with wireless connection. The name of the connection will be Digisol_ (By default).
  3. Now open in your internet browser(you can use any internet browser). It will ask your to enter user name and password. You can get the user name and password from the back of the router. By default : User name: admin Password: password
  4. Now go to Internet Settings from the left sidebar.
  5. Choose the VPI as 0 and VCI as 35. You can connect your internet both through PPPoE or Bridge mode, but I suggest to use PPPoE so that all PC get almost same priority and share.
  6. Choose UBR without PCR in the service category.

BSNL router Config

7. Now fill in your Login id and Password that you use to connect to your internet. Do not change the rest of the settings. Click on Apply button. That is all you need. Choose other settings like Keep Alive and Enable NAT. You are done now you will see a green internet light blinking on the router.

  BSNL router Config

Please let me know if you face any issue. You can ask me about BSNL router Config . You can also ask your other queries on help.tips4tech[@]

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28 thoughts on “How to configure DigiSol/ Dlink/ Linksys/ TP Link for BSNL broadband connection

  1. i am using digisol modem, there is no problem if i connect through LAN cable on my laptop, but when i connect through wifi, internet is lost after 2-3 minutes. Wifi is still connected but only internet gets disconnected. I have same settings as you have shown above. kindly help.

    • Hi Gopal,
      Sorry to know that you are facing difficulty. I will suggest to get a firmware update from Digisol service center or may be the router is faulty.

  2. nilesh parte says:

    i am using digisol modem, there is no problem if i connect through LAN cable on my laptop, when i connect through wifi no problem. but i set the wifi password key that time wifi not continu. Wifi is connected disconnected problem. I have same settings as you have shown above. kindly help.

    • Hi Nilesh, well I understand that you are facing issue with Wi-Fi. I would suggest reset your router, update to the latest firmware and try again..

  3. hi admin, i got my modem replaced with new one on request, but they verified it before replacing, and it was working fine there. Then also they replaced it with new one and when I connect it at my home, it doesnt work in my mobile, and gets frequently disconnected on laptop. I didnt change any other setting as suggested by you, and even tried all settings. But its not working.

  4. Anupam Mishra says:

    Hi Admin I am facing a problem in connecting the digisol ADSL router having bsnl connection through my LAN while when i am connecting it directly to my PC and making my Pc into workgroup it provides the service of internet plese help

  5. hi, i have a Digisol DG-BG4011N, ADSL2/2+ wireless router,my internet connection keeps on disconnecting and have to try several times to get into the router ie; , and when i did enter the Wan Setup sometimes disappear and had to load my saved files,is this the faulty of my modem or something which had to do with my ISP.

  6. Guys,
    I am facing the same issue as well,Issue is with digisol “N” router hardware issue,we tried all options,like firmware update ,setting change etc,it doesn’t work. get away from it. It has hardware issue,nothing can be done.

    For mobile not connecting: try this option:
    1> connect your mobile to wifi
    2>It connects but no internet access
    3>now restart the router(power reset)
    4>now you should be able to browse.

    and also signal drops from room to room /time to time. D-Link/Digisol “N” have the same issue.please don’t buy these.
    Posting after horrifying exp :

  7. Very Informative post. Thanks…

  8. how do we get the user name and password to register on that website htpp ://

  9. Hi I use a DIgisol ADSL2/2+ Single Port Ethernet Bradband Router – DG-BG1000. The modem doesnt connect to internet automatically. Everytime I have to open and use the wizard to set up the connection. This is inspite of setting the modem to connect automatically. Any Ideas?

    I also want to connect my linksys WRT54G wifi router to this modem but I am not sure of the exact config to use. Any ideas will be appreciated.


  10. pls… anybody solve my qurries…
    i am using digisol (dg-bg4011n) with 2 mbps plan….i have connected this to 9 computers….
    many times the internet connection is very slow….is this normal????? coz i m using it with 9 pcs..

    one more thing wen ever i restart the router the speed goes nice…

    or this may be the router prblm….

    guys..i m considering to take sify LL pls.. suggest me which ISP i should i go for…
    and wat must be the plan( to use 10 to 12 computers)..

    pls i need your reply asap….

  11. routre configurtion for configur

  12. hi.. i am using digisol dg bg4011n which has wifi. i took BSNL broadband. i configured the modem as you shown above. internet will be working fine for some some. but suddenly internet light goes off and again it will start. sometimes it will coonnect but someties will show red light. no line problem. the problem is only with setting. can u plz help me………………………..

  13. help me to &send me user id & password

  14. digisol router is not good so dont by anyone plsssssss…

  15. I am using digisol modem and it works nicely but before some days i removed the antenna and used ethernet. now installed back the antenna and the wps light stopped to blink and i am not able to use the wireless connection on my laptop kindly provide soome suggestions

  16. RAM SUBBA REDDY says:



  17. Please guide my how to configure wireless in BG-4011N digisol modem step by step. also what symbol will be seen in other PC which requires wi-fi. also how to brows in wi-fi pc the detail proceedure.

  18. Not able to login on password doesn’t accepted.

  19. how to connect bsnl broadband to lava tablet through wifi model. tablet is showing wifi but there is data transfer. pl tell mw

  20. I hav dg-bg1000 router.All setting is done n ethernate,link,power lights are on but data light on modem is off…so not able to connect to broadband….plz help

  21. Done with setting.Modem data light
    Is off.i’ve dg-bg1000 router.

  22. Guys…. dont use that pots splitter provided…. Try to connect directly.. It might work… mine Ok now

  23. hi admin
    I hv digisol router . when i connect my laptop to it over Wi-Fi the speed is fast but if I my phone the internet speed on phone is sometimes slow and sometimes fast but most of the time it is slow …. what is the problem ?


  24. Hi admin, i am using digisol wireless router,the issue is users are not getting ip address from the router

  25. vinayak parashar says:

    hi, i have digisol data card DG-BA3370 . I use this with bsnl 2g sim. i have checked all my setting and i verified them from bsnl custmor care . but i can’t access to internet. help me.

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