Bing 2.0 for Android APK download : Features, review and download

Bing 2.0 for Android APK download–Features and reviewBing 2.0 for Android APK download–Features and review

Bing has released its apps for Android and they have included all services like search, Flickr and maps in this new version 2.0. If you are big fan of Bing and want this app you can install it from Bing website, but the apps is available for only verizon customers. But we have managed to get a APK snapshot of Bing so that you can install it on your Android mobile. we are going to discuss the features you get when you install Bing on your Phone:

Features and Options in Bing :

The App is pretty simple. when you open the the Bing application on your Android Phone, you will see that just like the web version of the, you will see a nice background picture as shown in the below screen capture. The first impression is good and impressive for users.

Now, once you open the Application, you will see that there are many options at the bottom centre part of the screen. The options are “Images”, “Movies”, “Maps”, “Local”, “News” and also you can see an option called “Directions”.


As soon as you tap on the images, it will now allow you to search for the images, all you need to do is to just enter the search string at the top of the screen after which just tap on “Search” the image.

Now, the next option is the Movies wherein you will be able to find all the Movie listing about the Movies but unfortunately this option doesn’t seem to work for us at least.
Next option is the “Maps” wherein as soon as you tap on the same, it will show the current place where you are is subjected to the GPS and data network availability. You can alternatively search for your desired location using the search string which is there at the top.

Bing Maps online for Android

The next option is “Local” where in all the local listings will be listed which ranges from Restaurants, Shopping and Services, Nightlife, Hotels and Accomodations, Transportation, Arts and Entertainment, Government and Community and last but not the least Health and Fitness. So, among all the above listed categories you can search your favorite place nearby your current location. You can also have a look at the screen capture on how these categories look like. Not only this you also have a chain of further categories wherein you get to choose the exact thing which you wish to search for.

Bing search for Android

Next option is the news wherein you get the latest dose of news from around the World. You can choose from a host of categories in the news ranging from Sports to the Politics to the Business to the technology to what not as shown in the below screen shot.
Last but not the least the last option is the Bing Map’s “Directions”, be It what may be. All you need to do is to just enter the “From” and “To” place to get the proper directions and it will ensure that you reach to the destination easily.

So, after knowing all about this you will agree with me that it’s not just Maps which Bing Maps has come up with but a much more than just Maps. So, to download it all you need to do is to download the Zip file which is linked to and need to unzip the same to get the BingMaps.apk file which you need to copy in your phone and need to install the same.

Download: Bing Maps Zip File (APK File Inside) <Source: Android Advices>

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